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Teeth Whitening

In chair tooth whitening is vital to help you achieve your best possible smile.

What makes Smartbleach 3LT tooth whitening different to other systems available? Smartbleach treatment is superior to other whitening systems it is a patented system of tooth whitening. It is the most advanced tooth bleaching system on the market.

Smartbleach is a photo-dynamic teeth whitening procedure that lightens teeth with virtually no dehydration of the teeth or etching of the teeth surface. The results are immediate and won’t bounce back like home-bleaching kits and blue heat-lamp based teeth whitening systems. The 3LT Smartbleach laser uses a green light combined with an alkaline gel to create an intense whitening effect without any dehydration or demineralisation of the teeth.

The 3LT Smartbleach laser whitening system can treat stains that other systems can’t. It stabilises smaller stain molecules, stopping them reforming into larger ones – meaning the results last longer.

  • it avoids heating of the tooth pulp like heat lamp based systems meaning less sensitivity post treatment
  • is a tooth bleaching system which has more than 10 years of research in Australian and European Universities
  • Smartbleach tooth whitening treats stains that other tooth whitening or tooth bleaching systems cannot budge
  • results are generally very natural looking
  • there is virtually no dehydration of the enamel so results are less likely to bounce back unlike other tooth whitening systems on the market
  • Smartbleach is the most comfortable tooth whitening or tooth bleaching process for the majority of patients due to no heating of the pulp

The Family Dental Practice’s Smartbleach whitening treatment takes less than an hour and benefits can last years. Call our friendly staff to discuss your teeth whitening treatment and arrange a consult.

Before and after results for average, yellow-coloured teeth. Lightened ten shades in one session



Before and after results for tetracycline stained teeth. Lightened twelve shades over two sessions.

After two sessions


Before and after results for a 50+ years old patient. Lightened 8 shades over two sessions.

After two sessions


To learn more about Smartbleach 3LT Teeth Whitening please Download a Brochure and Watch a Short Video