Family Dental Practice


Cosmetic Dentistry

Improving the aesthetics of your smile can restore confidence and enhance your overall appearance. The Family Dental practice provides a number of cosmetic dental procedures, with a focus on high aesthetics and natural looking restorative work.

Cosmetic dental work can correct or enhance your smile by changing tooth alignment, tooth colour, tooth size or replacing missing teeth. The Family Dental Practice uses the highest quality materials and techniques to ensure your cosmetic dental work is both highly aesthetic and conservative – apart from providing beautiful results, we want to preserve the structure of your natural teeth as much as possible.

Optimum aesthetic results can be achieved using a range of different treatments, including Tooth Whitening (link), Crown and Bridge work (link), Porcelain Veneers (link) or Dental Implants (link).

If you’re considering cosmetic dentistry, contact us for a consult. We will assess your teeth, jaw and overall oral health, and your desired aesthetics. We may take photographs, x-rays and moulds of your teeth to help us determine treatment options. We will show you examples of smile restorations that have teeth similar to yours in colour, position and condition, in order to give you a realistic example of the outcomes of treatment. We will provide you with a range of different treatment options and full quotes for each option we suggest.

The Family Dental Practice will work with you to determine the most appropriate approach to improving your smile that takes into consideration your desired outcome as well as our clinical opinion. We work closely number of specialists and will take a team-care approach if you require orthodontics or placement of implants as part of your treatment.

If you’d like to discuss improving the aesthetics of your smile, contact us today to arrange a consult.